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Al Ahalia Exchange unveils its Online Remittance

Sun, 17 October 2010

As a leading move to facilitate Anytime, Anywhere remittance facility for its customers, Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau today launched its Online Remittance model.

The service enables pre-registered customers of the exchange house to remit money from their armchair comfort in a simple, swift and secure manner.

The pre-registration is mandatory requirement as per regulatory requirements, but this eventually saves the customers valuable time and money in subsequent transactions.

The online remittance facility targets customers that value their time and would rather avoid the travel distances, parking, standing at queues etc.

At the same time, Ahalia Exchange assures customers the BEST RATES on foreign exchange when transactions are done online. Also, the online processing fee has been waived off as an introductory offer.

The entire technology has been offered by PROSUM fzc and is clearly the only end-to-end web based remittance in the country.

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Al Ahalia Exchange unveils its Online Remittance

Al Ahalia Exchange unveils its Online Remittance

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