Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Money Transfer

When was the last time you spent a relaxed, quality time on something you love? – Your family, a walk in the garden, your favorite game, a novel….?

Good news is that you are not alone in heaving a big sigh!

Most of us in today’s busy world are caught up in our hectic pace of lifestyle. What with work pressures on one side, travel distances and travel times consume a big part of our daily time.

Which brings us to the 1st reason why you should choose online money transfer.

1) Save Your Time:

A typical scenario for conducting a remittance transaction at a physical local, be it a bank, exchange house or other financial institution, would typically involve the following:
* A visit to your bank or ATM
* Looking for a parking, paying for parking
* Waiting at the queue
* Withdrawing money
* Driving to the exchange house or financial institution
* Looking for a parking, paying for parking
* Waiting at the queue
* Filling Forms
* Paying Cash
* Driving back to your home or office

Calculate your time. How much time does the above take for, and from, you? How much is your time worth?

When you choose to send money online, you save the entire cycle of activities listed above and wow, isn’t that something?

As a 24×7 service, this service gives the Anytime, Anywhere convenience, so you choose the best time that suits YOU.

You’ll probably make your boss happy by not slipping away for an hour or so everytime you have to do a funds transfer. But more importantly, you will be able to better utilize the time and avoid subsequent “extended hours” at your workplace… Surely, you can think of more pleasant ways to spend that time?

2) Protect Yourself and Your Money:

Even in the safest places, carrying a wad of cash to a physical location of a money transfer services agent is playing “lead us into temptation”.

Send Money Online, and you choose the option to pay your exchange house or money transfer services agent also online without the physical movement of cash.

3) Save Money:

Apart from commuting costs and parking charges, banks or other money transfer services agents such as exchange houses have two important revenue streams when you conduct a remittance: (i) the transaction charge / fee and (ii) the foreign currency exchange (FX) rate.

Naturally, this is a must for they must make profits to sustain and serve you continually.

But online money transfer companies are forced to maintain transparency and usually offer the best charges and rates possible.

Often, online money transfer portals, such as that provided by Prosum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, display the standard FX rate as well the special online FX rate in addition to the money transfer charges. This gives you the ability to “know your deal” before you commit your remittance transaction.

4) Have Access to Your Records:

I remember a time when the year-end statement from my bank showed that I had missed an EMI payment of $1200, around 4 months back.

Well, I was 100% sure that I had sent the amount on time, but apparently something had gone amiss somewhere and the money was not credited to my loan account.

Hmm… 4 months having passed, (a) I could recall exactly which money transfer service provider I had used for that particular transaction and (b) if I thought it was some particular company, I did not have the transaction reference.

Long story short, I lost the money.

Online Remittance portals, such as Prosum, usually provide for transaction history for registered members, so you can relax in the thought that you can pull out the transaction records anytime, anywhere.

5) Enjoy the Service Levels Your Receive:

Many times, unfortunately, we witness the counter staff at physical locations such as banks and exchange houses being rude to customers. True, they can be tired and spent, but how do you feel as a customer when they behave rudely?

And what is also true is that many staff, when it comes to international remittances, lack in detailed product knowledge and options available, nor may they respect the accent of the customer.

Well, when you send money online, you are assured of a consistent level of service from your computer screen, and that, to many of us, could mean a lot by itself, right?

Good luck with your Online Money Transfer experiences.

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