BlackBerry dispute resolved before deadline in UAE

Not that consumers doubted that…. but, there was a general sigh of relief when UAE authorities confirmed that they will not suspend BlackBerry services on October 11 after resolving a dispute with its Canadian maker Research in Motion.

BlackBerry’s encryption technology had raised concerns among officials in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and India that police are blocked from checking electronic data for illegal activity.

In a statement on its website today, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said: “BlackBerry services are now compliant with the UAE’s telecommunications regulatory framework.”

Send Money Online from anywhere in UAE

UAE customers can now enjoy Prosum’s online money transfer service to send money online.

You can now conduct your remittance transactions and send money through wire transfer, a.k.a. funds transfer right from your desk – or even from the beach.

So how does one pay the remittance company?

The payment is made online directly from your bank account or card.

Presently online money transfer services are available for customers in UAE. Prosum shall soon be enabling the services from more GCC countries.

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RBI Sets New Guidelines for Online Payments

RBI has issued a set of new Guidelines for Online Credit Card payment processing.

Effective 1st August 2009 all online transactions will be done with an extra level of safety and security as per the new guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in which all online payments are required to go through an extra level of authentication.

As per the guidelines issued, when you will make an online transaction with your credit card, you will need to enter a password as an extra level of authentication after entering your credit /debit card details. This technology for safe online transactions is called VBV – Verified by Visa or MSC -MasterCard Secure Code.

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