Card Fraud Worries Most Dubai Consumers

Most UAE residents will remember the scores of consumers who were hit by card frauds, including ATM frauds, in the recent months.

Here is a report on a survey conducted on the subject which revealed that 73% of Dubai consumers worried about card fraud.

Seven percent of consumers in Dubai had been the victim of bank card fraud in the past five years, according to the results of a survey released on Tuesday.

Dubai was found to have a low rate of card fraud compared to the US and UK, where 27 percent of respondents to the survey had been hit by card fraud, and Australia, China and Singapore, where 15 percent had been affected, the research by ACI Worldwide found.

Mobile Bill Payments in Bahrain

Bahrain residents will soon enjoy the comfort of paying their utility bills from their mobile phones. This is the latest among the series of eGovernment initiatives.

The services, reportedly, will be launched by the beginning of September 2009.

“We will launch the service before the end of August,” Mohamed Ali Al Qaed, CEO of Bahrain’s eGovernment Authority (eGA), told Arabian Business in an interview. “We wanted to make sure that we had the right security in place before we allowed people to pay on their mobiles,” he continued. “Now we have a new model that will be totally secure.”