Pay School Fees Online in UAE

Joseph Ponnou demonstrates how UAE residents can easily pay school fees from the comfort of their armchair. As of the date this video was uploaded, this service is expected to be launched soon.

Send Money Online

See how UAE customers can now send money worldwide online right from the comfort of their desk

TagPay in Mali

TagPay ( allows people to send money from France to any mobile phone in Mali. The receiver will be able to spend money in any Merchant accepting the service.

TagPay Mali FR

TagPay ( est une plate-forme de paiement mobile qui permet d’envoyer de l’argent de France sur le téléphone mobile d’un habitant du Mali. Celui-ci va pouvoir alors aller dans les magasins acceptant le service pour payer avec l’argent reçu. Le commerçant reçoit l’argent directement sur son compte bancaire.


Innovative TagPay Mobile Payment POS.

Tagattitude Face2Face solution

Tagattitude’s Face2Face solution allows to make money transaction between 2 mobile phones. Working on all standard phones with no hardware modification nor software download.