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  • DIY SEO | Hobo – Over 20 tips to seo your own website. Professional optimisation tips anyone can deploy.

  • Get Links From REAL Sites (IE Sites That Aren’t Just THERE To Link … – Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people what a quality link is but in simple terms this is how I describe a site you want a link from: It doesn’t have to be relevant to your industry; It doesn’t have to be an authority in it’s niche …

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  • Gossamer Blog » PCI/DSS – The Future of Online Payment Security – PCI/DSS – The Future of Online Payment Security. June 8, 2009. pci-dss-gossamer-threads-title. It’s no secret that people are concerned about information security while doing business online. The Payment Card Industry Data Security …

  • Want to learn the basics of making a video? – MIT TechTV will offer two workshop sessions on creating your own videos for the Web and MIT TechTV. The hands-on sessions, offered by Kris Brewer, will be held in the MIT Libraries’ Digital Instruction Resource Center (14N-132) and are …

Mobile Banking And Existing Banking Systems

Existing banking systems are too old for mobile banking.

If we know, we tend to forget this, and if we are ignorant, we would never believe it: but banking is actually not real time. What you see is not necessarily what is, nor is it what you may get. Listen to what Bill Streeter say in a recent article in the ABA Banking Journal:

“On the other hand, if you define real time as handling any transaction at any channel only once, at which point final posting occurs, then very few U.S. institutions are doing that….. Real time was also the norm for years with savings and loans and credit unions, and still is in some cases, though the movement to check-based transactions changed things for many of these institutions.”

Mobile Money Transfer Service from MoneyGram and Affinity Global

MoneyGram International and Affinity Global Services Launch Mobile Money Transfer Service Agreement brings MoneyGram’s convenient cash-transfer services to Mobile Network Operators and their customers

MoneyGram International (NYSE: MGI – News), a leading provider of global payment services, and Affinity Global Services, a leading mobile financial services company, today announced an agreement that will enable mobile money transfer receives in important markets around the globe, bringing greater convenience and extending the benefits of MoneyGram services to a new category of consumers.

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  • SMS Webcast + My Whitepaper (Free) « Screenwerk – I know that you’re dying to read whitepapers that I’ve written. And so with that understanding . . . if you sign up for the upcoming Webcast on SMS marketing, you’ll get the whitepaper that inspired it — free of charge. …

  • eBay to IPO Skype in 2010 – Fresh from losing StumbleUpon after its SU founders bought back the social bookmarking site from eBay, it seems like eBay …