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  • Mobile money comes to Bangladesh | People Move – Bangladesh seems on track to launch a mobile money transfer (MMT) service which could potentially reduce costs to 1 percent of the transfer amount. The project will be implemented by Grameen Phone (a subsidiary of Grameen Bank which has …
  • insiden: Pago : Person to Person mobile money transfer New Zealand – Pago : Person to Person mobile money transfer New Zealand. Pago est un wallet (“classique”) avec transfert mobile par sms notamment. L’intérêt dans cette solution est qu’elle est interfacée avec plusieurs banques. …

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Online Bill Payment Dubai UAE

Armchair comfort, avoiding traffic jams, readily available status updates…. whatever be the reasons… online bill payment is continually increasing and is projected to further increasing substantially.

Click Here to view interesting insights on the topic which also states that is not just baby boomers who engage in online bill payments but also a large percentage of those who are above 45 years of age.

Prosum fzc is working towards being an aggregator of bill payments in UAE – the first-ever non-government, non-bank initiative of its kind in UAE. The added benefit of paying directly through one’s bank’s accounts is expected to further increase acceptance and usage of online bill payments in United Arab Emirates.

PCI DSS for Secure Online Payments

Do your company store or even process credit card data – whether for online payments or even at physical locations?

If so, you would do well to get certified, or at the very least conform, to PCI DSS.

PCI DSS stands for Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards. Primarily, it readily provides you the check-list for all the related best practices such as what data to store, where to store and how to store. It also provides the physical security levels required at the hosting center. What should also matter to the merchant is that, once certified, you come under the “Safe Harbor” which protects from any subsequent financial or repudiation risk.

Hmm, Another Avatar of Recession

Count yourself lucky if you have been able to pay your credit card dues on time in these days of recession and job losses.

While there are no valid excuses for defaulters in the eyes of the card issuers, sometimes situations do get a bit beyond control.

Read what senior executives at leading banks in UAE have to say about the situation.

The UAE is estimated to have Dh20 billion as outstanding payment on credit cards. Also, about 8-10 per cent of that could be distressed or delinquent, bank officials told Emirates Business.

AXA Insurance Gulf launches its online services

AXA Insurance Gulf has launched its online services. Through this service,
• Customers can now buy and renew motor policies online
• Get a quote in less than a minute
• 5% discount for buying a new policy online

AXA Insurance Gulf, the region’s number one international non-life insurer has launched its online service allowing customers to buy and renew their motor insurance policies online.

Empost Staff Helps Bust Gang of Credit Card Cheats

Credit Card frauds have become quite common despite the various security controls introduced by the industry. But when it happens in your own back yard, then it is time to sit up and pay better attention.

Read the following article as reported in Khaleej Times.

Alertness on the part of an Empost employee helped the police to bust a gang of credit card cheats recently. Three Asians were arrested in this connection.

According to police, an Asian man approached the Empost office in Al Rumool area in Dubai and after claiming to be a GCC citizen, requested for a credit card parcel.

“Foreign” fee applied for credit card transactions

U.S. online shoppers hit with ‘foreign’ fee reads an article which brings to our attention the fact that credit card owners could now be subjected to a 2 percent additional charge on each transaction conducted with a foreign company — even if the customer never leaves the U.S. and even if the transaction is completed in U.S. dollars.

Get more details here.

Online shopping in UAE peaks in fourth quarter

There are some who still vow never to make a purchase online. And there are others who confirm that online payment facility for internet shopping is the best thing that has ever happened.

Which group do you belong to?

Read on to see it from the eyes of Suzanne Fenton, Staff Reporter at Gulf News

Dubai: Per capita online shopping in the UAE reached $1,193 (Dh4,378) in the fourth quarter of 2008, the highest in the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, according to the latest MasterCard survey.

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